Why should Customer Purchase Makrana marble

Makrana marble as World Heritage Stone Resource. Why should customers purchase makrana marble? 

  • Makrana marble does not damage even after a long time.
  • Its shine increases with time.
  • Makrana marble neither becomes black nor yellow.
  • According to VASTU makrana marble is very useful for health. It helps in increasing the eye-sight by walking on it without slippers or shoes.
  • It is always cool even in summer or winter.
  • Makrana marble is used in many Temples, Masjid, Gurudwara, Church & many more buildings. These buildings remain beautiful even after such a long time.
  • For example: sign of love “TAJ Mahal ” , “Victoria Memorial ” of Calcutta , Harminder Sahib of Amritsar , Birla mandir & Jain mandir.
  • It is a little costly but it is the first choice of a knowledgeable person .Its cost is low in comparison to imported marble.
  • Makrana white Sangmermer is a concert as the sign of “Happiness, Pleasure & Growth” according to Astrological Science.
  • Makrana is an urban city located at the centre of Rajasthan. This tehsil has 136 villages under its jurisdiction thus making it the largest tehsil in Nagaur District. Makrana is 110 km (68 mi) west of Jaipur and 190 km (120 mi) north-east of Jodhpur. Makrana is known for the part it has played in building the Taj Mahal by supplying marble, craftsmen and stonemasons to build the iconic UNESCO world heritage centre. It is one of the developing cities in the state. The marble from the town Makrana which is known as Makrana Marble, gets the GHSR (Global Heritage Stone Resources) status from the IUGS.
  • It is long lasting, that’s why customer should purchase makrana marble.

Global heritage stone resource

Some Important Quality of Makrana Marble.

Pure makrana White Marble

Off White makrana Marble

Makrana semi White

Kumai Makrana Marble

Pink makrana marble

Dungri makrana marble

Albeta White Marble

Some facts about, why should customer purchase makrana marble?

Question 1. Is marble makrana causes knee pain?

Answer- No, why because makrana marble contain more calcium in it.

and the calcium is good for bones. so it doesn’t cause any pain in knee.

Question 2. Do Makrana marble have adverse effects on health if used in floors in house especially in joints of legs?

Answer- No, there is not adverse effect on knee pain by using makrana marble. makrana marble is very helpful to increase circulation of blood when walking barefoot on makrana marble.

Question 4. How many percent have the calcium in Makrana marble?

Answer- There is 96% Calcium present in Makrana Marble.

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