Makrana white marble floor design

Makrana white marble

White marble makrana: White marbles  is also known as makrana sangemermer.

One of the finest quality of Makrana marble in Makrana mandi. Its quality is Purest in the world. Here are some varieties of white marble.

white marble
White marble

1) First grade white marble 2) Second grade off white marble 3) Third grade white marble.

This variety depend on its crystal size.

First grade quality crystal size is very small and super white without any yellow ness in it.

second quality then last third grade quality only quality depends on its whiteness and yellowish.

Makrana white marble floor tiles and slabs are widely used all over world used flooring because of its striking of white appearance.

Makrana marble has its long durability with time and does not contain any chemical process in maintenance.

And it has shine and smooth finish and can be used for wall cladding.

You can also use this white marble in( kibla masjid),(Membar), temple, staircase as well as in Tulsi pot stand

Price of makrana white marbles:

White marbles price depends on its whiteness or on its quality but giving you overview of price range between 400Rs to 700Rs per square feet. 

Different mines produce different types of white marble.

The variety (tiles) of makrana white marbles. Variety small size of slab means length and width of marble is less than one square feet.

There are in many size in varieties of Makrana white marbles is 11*11 , 12*9 ,18*8 , 12*6 , 12*5 , 12*4 , 9*9 , 8*8 , 9*6 , 6*6 , 8*4 , 18*9 , 15*9 , 18*6 , 15*6 , 18*4 , 15*4  inches.

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