Top 7 White Granite found in India

There are lots of granite varieties in India but here we will only tell about the Top 7 white granite found in India. some of the white granite countertops qualities are.

1) White galaxy granite

This type of white granite quality is found in India. It looks like milky white colour with smooth texture and with thick in size its price range in between 250Rs per square feet to 300Rs per square feet including (Gst and transportation charges).

Application: Galaxy white granite has its multiple use on floor, countertops and also can be used in table top wash basins.

Alaska white granite: Its surface looks shiny and smooth with the thickness of 15 mm to 20 mm and it has water disabsorbent property. Mostly imported from Brazil.

Alaska white granite price: Its price starts from 180Rs per square feet. And can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Colonial white granite:

This is an Indian granite stone with its polished surface present in slabs as well as in tiles and can be easily installed on flooring surface.

Price: Its price starts from 180 Rs per square feet and it will not cost you much maintenance charges.

American white granite: this type of granite is imported from outside countries. 

Qualities: polished surface, multipurpose, long lasting shine, thickness of 15mm to 20mm.

Monaco white wave granite: This type of granite has its shining surface polished and smooth texture cost price between 180Rs to 250Rs per square feet and can also be available in tiles as per your requirements. 

Most types of granites are imported from other countries.

Viscon white granite: Viscon white granite has its unique property of heat resistance with very low water absorption can be used for

Decoration, Staircase its shining and polished surface makes your home look dashing.

Price of Viscon white granite: It cost you not more than 250Rs per square feet. And also available in small sizes of slabs.

Pearl white granite: This granite costs you only 70Rs per square feet and can go upto 100Rs including Gst and delivery charges. It is also has a shining surface with smooth texture.

This are the top 7 White granite quality that are found in India. If you want to get supplier of White granite or you want to use granite then you can contact us.

Images of All types of Granite.

Black granite
Black granite

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Q Is white granite good for kitchen countertop?

Ans: All Granite types good for countertop. But white granite countertop makes your kitchen very beautiful.

Q Is white granite more expensive?

Ans: Its totally depend on your budget. But if you have the budget of 200Rs/sqft then you can easily buy the white granite.

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