Wash basin Counter Top Design

What is Counter top wash basin?

A counter top wash basin design is a basin which is at the top of the counter/ table also called Table top wash basin or counter top wash basin and it is made in stone or in makrana marble.

There are various type of wash basin counter top design but marble wash basin is very unique stylish enhance your bathroom style for life long durable and maintain there finishing for long years

Marble table top wash basin:

It is very stylish and modern wash basin with latest designs such as

Oval shape, square shape, rectangular shape, Wash basin with pedestal and many more designs but according to your need. and also can be made in S white granite.

There are lots of stone, makrana marble and italian marble table top basin available in stock of JSK marble with many more years.

counter top wash basin
counter top wash basin

What is pedestal wash basin sink?

A pedestal sink is a sink which supports the basin to stand and it is attached to the wash basin but most important is that it is made in stone,

And there is no problem of crack or break down, But other basins are made in ceramic.

pedestal sink
Pedestal sink

There are lots of wash basin designs made in stone because it makes your bathroom look stunning.

We can make basins in Makrana marble. so here you will get all types of table top wash basin design.

Why important to use marble basins: It does not get yellow as the time goes. But also it’s beauty increases as time increase.

Some table top wash basin designs

granite wash basin
Zebra black with hand carved marble Basin
granite pedestal sink
Thunder Black Pedestal Wash basin
granite table top basin
Strome black marble counter top wash basin
table top wash basin
Black gold Granite table top wash basin
stone wash basin
Khatu stone wash basin

Washbasin ideas:

Strong surface basins made of marble/stone and are noticeable by their perfect lines and absence of creases. There is no genuine norm or normal size for a washroom basin. Because The size you need will be reliant on how much space you have in your bathroom and what look of the basin you are choosing.

The size of your bathroom: The washbasins come in different sizes, designs and shapes. So its advisable that you buy one considering your size of bathroom.

But for small and compact bathrooms, corner wash basins are the best option. For large bathrooms, one can go for countertop basin or pedestal basin.

Wash Basin: In wash basin we have too many stone and marble, So in which we can carved latest Basin for your Bathroom.

Some of the stones are:

Jaiselmer stone

Bidasar stone

Rajnagar stone

Marbles are Black marble, Pink marble, Granite marble and White marble.


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