Tulsi Pot Stand

Tulsi Pot Stand

There are various Marble Tulsi pot stand present in the market . But Tulsi stands made in marble are very unique, more effective and long lasting.

Tulsi plant known as holy basil. The scientific name is Ocimum Tenuiflorum.

There are six types of Tulsi stand found in India.

  1. Rama tulsi
  2. Vana tulsi
  3. Krishna tulsi
  4. Kapoor tulsi
  5. Tulsi chaura
  6. Tulsi Pinda

Tulsi Pot stand

Important in Hindus culture and it is used as worship according to Hindu mythology.

Tulsi stand design: Various Marble tulsi stand present in market such as 1) white marble tulsi stands 2) Painted tulsi stand 3) Marble carving Tulsi stand available in all sizes and varieties as per your requirement.

Modern Tulsi chaura design

marble tulsi stand
Tulsi chaura design
in marble (Price 10,000Rs)

Simple indoor using tulsi stand is plain white marble and painted and outdoor tulsi stand is carving tulsi stand.

Indoor marble tulsi stand pot is highly usable and easy to planting.

tulsi pot stand
Design of Tulsi Chaura
Price 7500/- Rs

In indoor tulsi stand plane white marble is 17mm -18mm thickness marble using which is extracted from makrana Raj nagaur and Vietnam mines.

White indoor plain tulsi marble attached with each other.

In coloured tulsi stands attached with marble and painted with the best painter and follow the various cultures like Kishangarh Bani Thani painting.

Carving tulsi stands are mainly used outdoors.

Carving work done by the workers of world famous marble Heritage city makrana.

The price of marble indoor and outdoor tulsi stand depend upon the size and work done upon it

Marble tulsi stand price: The price range of tulsi marble indoor stand is normally based on its size and starting from 3,000Rs to 15,000Rs

Outdoor tulsi marble stand price based upon carving work and its price starting from 15,000Rs to 1 lakh vary according to work and size.

Tulsi stand image

Transportation charges: we will supply all over The india. And the transportation charges depend on the distance quantity and size. If you want to buy then feel free to contact us for designs.


1. How to clean Marble Tulsi pot?

Marble Tulsi pot can be clean by water. you can clear it by water if it is made in marble.

2. What is used to stick Marble Tulsi stand?

Mostly each and every labour use epoxy glue. and it is of white colour.

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