Marble Mandir Design for Home

People who believe in spirituality and wanted the Best marble mandir design for home at their place or in a room can bring more peace by using the best marble mandir made in different marble. Many of us creates a separate room for pooja for everyday worship.

Different Types of marble mandir 

Simple Marble mandir design

simple mandir are chosen by those people who believe in simplicity. But simple mandir means without any painting and doesn’t even a carved part; it costs you around 5000Rs per piece.

makrana marble mandir
Small marble Temple for home

Carved marble mandir

Carved marble mandir enhances the beauty of your house. It cost you around 15,000 Rs to 20,000Rs approx and its price mostly depends on the carving part. It would be the best marble mandir design for home.

Painted carved mandir

Painted mandir can be simple but not carved. It does not cost you much.

Marble Mandir Price: Mandir price all depends on its dimension, marble quality, carving area, and also on its painting. 

Cities we deliver: we will deliver in every part of the city in India. According to your need and size we can help you in providing Best marble mandir design for home.


Q Is marble Temple good for home?

Ans- Yes afcose marble temple good for home. It gives you a positive vibes and looks beautiful in your home.

Q Which mandir is good for home wooden or marble?

Ans- Marble mandir is best for home. Why because in marble there are lots of varities and white marble mandir looks more attractive and shinny in pooja room.

Q Which stone is best for pooja room granite or marble?

Ans- Both type of stone are used in mandir. But mostly marble is used for making mandir because marble can be carved easily and have lots of varities.

Marble mandir designs

Painted marble mandir
inlay design in mandir
White marble Temple for home
Painted temple
Painted Marble Mandir

Makrana marble mandir design for home

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