Latest Pink marble design floor in Makrana marble

Makrana Pink marble

Latest marble flooring design in makrana pink marble

Pink marble is also known as makrana Albeta Pink (Gulabi marble) Pink marble Design, mainly it is of two types.

1) Plain pink marble

2) Lining pink marble.

It is in pink color as you know by its name. This marble enhances the beauty of your house floor.

This marble quality can only be mined in makrana mines. why because in makrana marble all marble consist of 98% calcium in it.

Chemical properties

Because of this property it does not break easily.

Are you excited to use this type of marble?

Yes. then i will provide you with more details about pink makrana marble.

Pink marble floor design
Marble design in floor

Application: Pink marble flooring design is mostly used at house flooring, staircase, kitchen, countertop, corridors, bedroom and some many more places.

We can also provide you with the fitting charges of labour as per your requirements.

Makrana Pink marble price: Its prices are not too high. You can buy this in range between (30 Rs to 70 Rs) this is the tiles cost but slab cost is different in range between (70 Rs per square feet to 150 Rs per square feet).

Designs of marble flooring

So the price vary as size increase or its quality increase (transportation charges are different )

All sizes are present in it as per your requirements (2*2, 2*3, 4*5, 3*4)

we’ll provide you the slabs and tiles according to your floor size.

Transportation charges: Transportation charges depend upon how far is your location and it also depends upon the load.

Because we will provide you the Best Rate in wholesale price. And we are the best supplier and manufacturer in Makrana.

Feel free to contact us.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q Is Pink marble for floor design is good for flooring please mention its benefits and drawback?

Ans: Yes pink marble is good for flooring, staircase and vanity countertop. Benefits is that it is durable and long lasting for many years also it does not cost you any maintenance charge.

Q Is Pink marble expensive ?

Ans No, Pink marble does not cost you much it’s price starts from 35Rs per square feet.

Q Where is Pink marble from ?

Ans Pink marble basically found in makrana (Rajasthan). And it is best choice for floor design.

There is no drawback of Makrana pink marble. for pink marble supplier you can contact us. Thanking you.

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3 thoughts on “Latest Pink marble design floor in Makrana marble

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  • 01/02/2021 at 1:35 pm

    How to choose the right white?
    White is Divine, White is Pristine, White is right!

    White Marble when manifested anywhere sends a message of luxury and style. A white marble flooring, a white marble countertop never fails to make a statement.

    But, here is the issue. How do you know you are buying the right white? Don’t rely on the experts, instead become the expert. Being empowered is no harm and at Square Feet, we ensure are clients are capable of making their own choice without batting an eye.

    Fake marbles are pretty easy to spot. Here is how you can do them:

    1) Know your marble.
    There are three types of marbles – Carrara, Calcutta, Statuary Carrara is the most common Italian Marble whose colour tends towards blue grey with a patterning that is spot and feathery. Calacatta is a more whiter marble with a variation in colour more than Carrara. Statuatory marble is a precious marble whose color ranges from gold to grey.

    2) Go for the Shine.
    One of the most desirable attributes of marble is its gloss, which is why it can be easily imitated. A lot of manufacturers incorporate glass or other crushed materials to obtain the gloss, which is temporary when compared to real marble.

    3) Coloration.
    White marble as the name suggests is pure white in colour, which means it has no impurities or is visually flawless. Only when integrated with minerals, it gives various colorations such as blue, grey, cream or pink. Darker colours are significance of granite, a man made stone or a marble that has been mixed with cement to give a different finish.


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