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Dungri marble flooring slabs

If you are looking for the latest marble flooring design in dungri marbles, then here I am with The best Makrana marble slab, now floor design in marble can be used for hotel, office, house even in Tulsi pot stand and Indoor marble temple.

Dungri marble floor design

Makrana Dungri marbles price and quality

Dungri marbles price starts from 25Rs/ sq feet, slabs price can go up to 100Rs per square feet.

Its shining increase as increase in time.

You can make figures using makrana dungri marble.

No maintenance required.

You can use makrana dungri marble slab on floor, counter-top, hotels, House, staircase, walls, kitchen top.

It is good to use Dungri marbles flooring design.

Dungri Marbles  is the most common type of Makrana Marble. It adds beauty to the flooring and is a very famous product in the Makrana Marble market.

Quality: This type of marbles is in heavy demand by customers from all over the world for their unique qualities like heat resistance and stylish appearance.

Best use of Dungri Marble is for flooring Purpose. It Doesn’t need any chemical treatment. Dungri marble has its natural colour and texture.

dungri marble tiles
floor tiles marble design

Transportation cost of Dungri Marble Makrana

Transportation costs vary from place to place and also depend on its size and weight.

We will supply it all over the india.

Marble floor design price

Floor Design slab: There are lots of designs you can use at your house, office, it will cost you from (70Rs to 140Rs) per square feet. and We can also provide you the fitting service, polish service, border service as you can see.

We are offering a wide range of Latest Makrana Dungri marble flooring designs to our valuable clients.

Facts about makrana dungri marble

Dungri marble adds beauty to the flooring, and is a very famous product in makrana mandi.

This type of marble has a unique identity of heat resistance and unique figure.

Specification: You can use at flooring, counter top, house, hotels, apartments.

We suggest you to go for makrana dungri marble, Dungri marble are also available in different size as your requirement.

dungri marble lera
Dungri marble lera (small width large length)

In makrana here are lots of marble varities like. Makrana chak dungri marble, Makrana pink marble, Makrana white marble, Makrana Albeta marble Makrana Brown marble etc.

Kumari marble Makrana

This is the second quality of dungri marble which is similar to makrana dungri marble. it looks like milky white and brown lines like veins and panther brown look.

And it will be for long lasting without any maintenance but one thing is that and my suggestion to you is that only buy from Makrana with your nacked eyes.

Kumari marble price: Kumari marble price depends on size, but we are giving you the overview of price. The kumari marble price starts from 25Rs per square feet to 75Rs per square feet.

Overview of Makrana Chak Dungri marbles.

Makrana Dungri marble
Chak Dungri Marble

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q Which type of marble is best ?

Ans: Makrana white marble is best and mostly used for flooring. Why because it’s durability is long lasting and did not fade in colour or yellowess and didn’t cost any maintenance charges, But it’s shining increase as time.

There are lots of varieties as well in makrana marble, some are makrana Dungri, makrana Pink, makrana white marble, makrana Albeta marble.

Q Which one is better tiles or marble ?

Ans: Definitely marble is The best as compared to tiles. why because after few years tiles get damage and will become yellowish.

Q What is makrana marble cost in 2020 ?

Ans: Makrana marble rate depends on which quality ( White, Pink, Albeta, Brown, Dungri, Super White ) and what size ( slabs or tiles ) you need. for more you can contact us.

Q What is marble wear ( ghisae ) rate ?

Ans: Marble wear rate starts from 25 RS per square but Italian marble wear rate is High.

Q What is Kumari marble price in Kolkata ?

Ans: Kumari marble price in Makrana is between 25rs to 75rs. But in kolkata it will be different due to transportation charges.

Q Kumari marble price in Jaipur ?

Ans: Kumari marble price in Makrana is between 25rs to 75rs per square feet. But in kolkata it will be different due to transportation charges.

Q Does makrana kumari has big crystal in it ?

Ans Makrana kumari marble has both type of crystal Big as well as Small.

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