‘Why should Customer Purchase Makrana Marble’

  • Makrana marble does not damage even after longer time.

  • Its shine increase with time.

  • Makrana marble neither become black nor yellow.

  • According to VASTU makrana marble is very useful for health. it helps in increasing the eye-sight by walking on it without sleepers or shoes.

  • It is always cool even in summer or winter.

  • Makrana marble is used in many Temples,Masjid,Gurudwara,Church & many more buildings.These buildings are remain beautiful even after such a long time.

  • For example: sign of love “TAJ Mahal” , “Victoria Memorial” of calcutta , Harminder Sahb of Amritsar , Birla mandir & Jain mandir.

  • It is little costly but it is first choice of knowledgable person .Its cost is low incomparision of imported marble.

  • Makrana white Sangmermar is concert as the sign of “Happiness,Pleasure & Growth” according to Astrological Science.


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