Albeta marble makrana top most quality marble

Albeta marble makrana 

Albeta Makrana marble is the second top most quality black lining marble with white background slab in makrana marble mandi. This marble first manufactured then process and finally converted into Albeta slabs and albeta tiles means small size. This quality will be the best for indian marble flooring in competitive indian marbe price.

These are of two types. 

1) Semi Albeta marble

2) White Albeta marble

Semi white Albeta marble: Semi white Albeta marble name it self showing this marble has less amount of white-ness in marble and having black lines like veins in it, with white back ground in colour.

Albeta marble
Albeta marble

White Albeta marble: White Albeta marble having more whiteness in it, with it’s veins like black lining.

Makrana white Albeta

Albeta marble slabs/ Tiles .

Application : Albeta marble can be used in house, hotel, apartments, flooring, staircase this marble came in two forms

1) Cut sizes called tiles.

2) Big sizes called slabs.

Specification : It does not cost any maintenance or any chemical process.

2) It’s brightness increase as increase time.

3) Cold in hot summer. 

The Price range is different for different sizes. Price range lies between 50Rs to 250 Rs per square feet. But tiles ( length and breadth size smaller then 1 feet ) have small size and cost lesser than slabs. Its price approximetly cost you between 50Rs to 150Rs per square feet.

And the transportation charges is also different because this totally depends on the distance and locations.

albeta marble tiles
Albeta marble tiles

Albeta marble
Albeta marble slab

Features of makrana Albeta marble

Smooth finish

striking color with black lines

Appealing color

Used for flooring mainly, staircase

Long lasting, easy to maintain and high strength

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